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These are the source files for


How to compile them after cloning the repository:

  1. Install make, rest2web, and the LESS compiler. In Debian, apt-get install make rest2web node-less.
  2. In the top level working directory, get the bootstrap source files: git submodule init; git submodule update.
  3. Decide the output location and create a symbolic link to it. The compiled files will be placed in the output subdirectory of the top level working directory. However, simply pointing your web browser at, say, file:///home/username/hk-climate/output won't work properly for various reasons. You need to make the files accessible through http, and they must be at the top level directory of the http server. What I do in my local machine, where I have default Debian apache installation, is chown -R $USER /var/www/html; ln -s /var/www/html/output.
  4. make

Repository description

Directory bootstrap is for cloning bootstrap into it, as a git submodule; it is being used by the LESS stylesheet, which makes a few modifications to the default bootstrap theme. The LESS stylesheet is in the less directory.

Directory input contains the input files, i.e. the texts in each language, and the images.

Directory preinput contains spreadsheets and other stuff that was manually used in order to produce some of the images in input. It is there mainly for archival purposes and is not being used by the build system.

Directory other is a half-finished attempt to compile the entire text into a single PDF resembling a paper.


For authorship, copyright, etc., see the "about" page of the web site, or the source file that produces it, input/en/about.txt.


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