An extension of django's ListView that provides sorting
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An extension of django's ListView that provides sorting.


  • Works with django's built in pagination.
  • Contains templates & css for pagination and sort buttons (or just use the context_data and build your own).
  • Adds an arrow to show the sort direction on the active sort.
  • Knows what the next sort is (i.e. if you're already sorted by title in one direction, clicking on the title button/link again will sort it in the other direction).
  • Lets you specify default sort for your list (defaults to -id) and for each of the sortable fields.
  • Modifies the queryset, so your database does your sorting.
  • Maintains additional query strings (configurable)


These are the supported versions. Older versions may also work.

* Python (2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6)
* Django (1.8, 1.10, 1.11)


Using pip::

pip install django-sortable-listview

If you want to use the provided templates and CSS add 'sortable_listview' to your INSTALLED_APPS in your django settings.

To see how to include the css and templates in your application, look at the example project. The css is just standard bootstrap.

Example Project

Screenshot of example project

To run the example project. First make sure django and django-sortable-listview are on your python path. For example, from inside a virtualenv::

pip install django
pip install django-sortable-listview

Then from your cloned folder::

cd example_project
python migrate
python runserver

You should be able to see the example project at localhost:8000. A database is provided with some sample content. The username and password is admin/admin

Development and Tests

For your development setup::

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

To run the tests::


You may not want to run the whole tox suite when you are doing development. In this case, uncomment the extra lines in requirements-dev.txt, but please don't commit these changes. (Suggestions welcome on a better way to manage this)