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Allow deleting feedback #105

qris opened this Issue · 4 comments

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It's important to be able to delete your own feedback, especially a consent (e.g. if someone edits the proposal and you can no longer agree to it).

Aptivate member

Hi qris, Nate/AlanHamish? wrote a really nice email a while back (or maybe it was an apticon thing - can't remember) about why econsensus needs improvement to support real decision making. I seem to not be able to remember who said it and when, but the point was this.

Concern & Consent are states
Other things are feedback

So you can have a long discussion about proposals with "comments / questions" and then change your state multiple times.

I think this would be better than allowing deleting feedback.


Perhaps that's another way to achieve this, I don't mind as long as one or other of these gets done quite quickly. I think deleting your own feedback is useful anyway (since you can edit it and remove all the text) and very easy to do compared to making consent into a state.

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