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Download speed limit options. aptly-dev/aptly#62

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smira committed Jul 13, 2014
1 parent 7de608b commit da0e9f871316f6941d7fe9ce714e2917efc1029f
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@@ -554,6 +554,7 @@ <h3>Configuration</h3>
"rootDir": "$HOME/.aptly",
"downloadConcurrency": 4,
"downloadSpeedLimit": 0,
"architectures": [],
"dependencyFollowSuggests": false,
"dependencyFollowRecommends": false,
@@ -575,6 +576,8 @@ <h3>Configuration</h3>
repositories (<code>rootDir/public</code>)</li>
<li> <code>downloadConcurrency</code> is a number of parallel download threads to
use when downloading packages</li>
<li> <code>downloadSpeedLimit</code> is a limit on download bandwidth used by aptly in
kbytes per second, 0 means unlimited</li>
<li> <code>architectures</code> is a list of architectures to process; if left empty
defaults to all available architectures; could be overridden with
option <code>-architectures</code>
@@ -839,6 +842,9 @@ <h4>Command <code>aptly mirror update</code></h4>
<code>-download-limit=0</code>: limit download speed (kbytes/sec)
<code>-ignore-checksums=false</code>: ignore checksum mismatches for downloaded items (packages file, metadata)

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