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AFP Copy.dropzone AFP Copy 1.1 - Fail Proof? and Update Rsync
Amazon S3 Upload.dropzone Improved Amazon S3 destination - can now copy a file URL to the clipb…
Changes.dropzone Adding Changes (modification of another diff script) and LinkSmasher …
Clipboard Links to Markdown.dropzone
Copy to Terminal path.dropzone improved ImageShack script
Create DMG.dropzone
Create Note with Text.dropzone Added Create Note with Text destination
Create URL Shortcut file.dropzone Fixed encoding issue with Create URL Shortcut file.dropzone
Create text clipping.dropzone Create text clip, and Gist text
Desktop Picture.dropzone
Download.dropzone fixed URL escaping issue and made Download.dropzone handle a list of …
DriveMount.dropzone Combined
Dropbox.dropzone moved dropbox dropzone to new suggested way to find out the users dro…
Email File to Person.dropzone Added script to email file to a particular person
Entourage Create Message with Text.dropzone updated Entourage Create Message with Text.dropzone to latest version
FTP Added modified FTP Upload destination that also shortens the URL with…
FWMount.dropzone put back shebang lines - they are used to determine syntax highlighti…
FileMerge.dropzone FileMerge initial commit
Filer.dropzone put back shebang lines - they are used to determine syntax highlighti…
Finder Path.dropzone Fixed an issue in Finder Path script where path would sometimes not copy
GitHub Gist.dropzone Updated capitalization on dialog.
Hold Text.dropzone Added the simple Hold Text script
Html5Boilerplate.dropzone Minor whitespace fix
ImageShack 2.dropzone Added ImageShack 2 destination as a temporary workaround to breakage …
ImageShack.dropzone Brought ImageShack destination inline with the one shipping in Dropzo…
Imgur.dropzone Updated Imgur icon that apparently got updated again.
Kaleidoscope.dropzone Adding Kaleidoscope diff destination
LMGTFY.dropzone URL encoding query string for LMGTFY
Latin1 to UTF8.dropzone A simple script to convert from latin1 to utf8. Verifies the extensio…
LinkBunch.dropzone moved several destination script icons off to Aptonic and improved Tw…
LinkSmasher.dropzone fix for url redirect change
Media Filer.dropzone moved several destination script icons off to Aptonic and improved Tw…
Omploader.dropzone Added Omploader droplet. Couldn't find a better icon.
Open URLS.dropzone Making Open URLs work with any default browser without configuration
Papers.dropzone Papers dropzone
Pastebin.dropzone Fixed cocoadialog
Posterous.dropzone made Posterous work
Print.dropzone Fixed issues with Print destination
PublicIP.dropzone Public IP destination
QuickLook.dropzone Quick Pastebin && QuickLook
QuickPastebin.dropzone Quick Pastebin && QuickLook
README.markdown updated README
Rename & Save.dropzone Fixed minor bug in last commit
SCP Upload with Gallery.dropzone SCP Upload Script with gallery creation function. The script takes al…
SCP Upload.dropzone Updated creator and URL for SCP
Say Text.dropzone added Posterous and Say Text
Screensaver.dropzone Fixed Screensaver action
Secure Eraser.dropzone added confirmation dialog and removed unnecessary requires
Send To Omnifocus Inbox.dropzone Changed my home URL
Send_to_iPhone.dropzone v2 release of "Sent to iPhone" extension
Test Destination.dropzone moved several destination script icons off to Aptonic and improved Tw…
Time.dropzone moved several destination script icons off to Aptonic and improved Tw…
Timestamp.dropzone added Timestamp destination
Tumblr.dropzone Getting real URL for Tumblr posts
TwitPic.dropzone Updated TwitPic meta info
USBMount.dropzone Add a script to Mount/Unmount all USB Drives. Based on WFMount.dropzo…
UpShot.dropzone updated upshot image url
VirusTotal.dropzone Added uploader dropzone.
WAZBlobs.dropzone # WAZBlobgs script added to the user scripts repo
YandexFotki.dropzone Nice 128x128 icon.
Zip Files.dropzone Another bugfix to Zip Files destination
ZipEmail-AlwaysZip.dropzone Renamed Zip & Email destination
gdocs_uploader.dropzone Fixed bug when uploading a single document updated descriptions of url shorterners
pastie-isgd.rb.dropzone moved several destination script icons off to Aptonic and improved Tw…

Dropzone user scripts repository

For Dropzone Users

You can download Dropzone actions directly from this repository by clicking on one of the files above, then click 'raw' and do File -> Save Page As... then double click on the downloaded file to add it to your grid.
We haven't fully tested all scripts in here, so don't blame us if something kills your goldfish.

For Developers

Actions listed on link to these scripts directly. If you make something cool, fork this repository, add your script and send a pull request.
Make sure you read the Dropzone API documentation located at

We can't guarantee to list your script on the Aptonic extend page. Scripts need to be pretty well tested, useful and functional before we will list them, or it reflects badly on our app when stuff breaks.

Ideally you should email us and let us know what you're doing and we can help test your action etc.
We've been known to give free licenses to developers who write cool destinations...

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