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This is my tmux.conf example, backup and share in GitHub. Please feel free to copy and/or modify as many as you need for yourself.

Quick Install

Existing file will be automaticly backuped by this INSTALL script with DateTime suffix in place. So, you can safely try it:

curl -L | sh

I am useing a very very strang Dvorak keyboard, so you should modify the keybindings to suit yourself.

You should check tmux-powerline for customizing the status line: For example,just comment/uncomment those register_segment lines in ~/.tmux/tmux-powerline/ and ~/.tmux/tmux-powerline/


  • Add some explanation and tips


  • 文件里面的注释都他瞄的用中文写的

  • 终端配色推荐使用solarize

  • 以下按键值得一试(各个按键间隔要在1秒中内):

          tmux attach-session
          tmux attach-session
          tmux attach-session -d
      Ctrl-g       m        man     <Enter>
      Ctrl-g       !
      Ctrl-g      C-w
      Ctrl-g      C-w
      Ctrl-g      C-c       C-c       C-c        C-c
      Alt-1     Alt-2     Alt-0     Alt-~      Alt-~
      Ctrl-g       \         -         -          \
      Ctrl-g       h         j         k          l
      Ctrl-g     Alt-h     Alt-j     Alt-k      Alt-l
      Ctrl-g    Ctrl-h    Ctrl-j     Ctrl-k    Ctrl-l
      Ctrl-g       <         <         <          <
      Ctrl-g       >         >         >          >
      Ctrl-g       s
      Ctrl-g    Ctrl-[
      Ctrl-g    Ctrl-]
      Ctrl-g       [         v        kbb^     Ctrl-g    y
      Ctrl-g       ?
      Ctrl-g       z