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logo of awesome-bun repository

Awesome Bun

A curated list of awesome things related to Bun


Bun is an incredibly fast JavaScript runtime, bundler, transpiler and package manager – all in one.







  • Bao.js - 🥟 A fast, minimalist web framework for the Bun JavaScript runtime.
  • Oily.js - A blazingly fast Bun.js filesystem router, with an unpleasantly smooth experience!
  • bun-bakery - Bun-Bakery is a web framework for Bun. It uses a file based router in style like svelte-kit. No need to define routes during runtime.
  • Hono - Ultrafast web framework for Cloudflare Workers, Deno, and Bun. Fast, but not only fast.
  • ElysiaJS - Fast, and friendly Bun web framework.
  • bun-framework-next - Lets you use Next.js 12 with bun.
  • Appetit - Create universal web applications following the PRPL pattern, with web components.
  • Colston.js - Fast, lightweight and zero dependency framework for bunjs 🚀.
  • nbit - A nano-sized, zero-dependency, strongly-typed web framework for Bun.
  • Bagel.js - Tiny and expressive web framework for Bun, inspired by Express.
  • Chopstick.ts - 🥢 A Typescript first web framework running on Bun
  • Shumai - Fast differentiable tensor framework for machine learning in Bun.
  • Yoga Server - A fast, fully featured GraphQL Framework that runs on Bun, Cloudflare Workers, Deno, and any JS environment.
  • GraphQL Mesh - Gateway that takes any source API and exposes GraphQL. Runs on Bun, Cloudflare Workers, Deno, and any JS environment.
  • buxt - Lightweight filesystem REST API router written for Bun.
  • Zarf - Fast, Bun-first, Web API framework with full Typescript support.
  • BunSVR - Fast and lightweight web framework for Bun.


  • hattip - Set of JavaScript packages for building HTTP server applications, with Bun support.
  • hyperbun - HTTP routing library built on top of Bun's built in HTTP solution.
  • siopao - Minimal routing library. Based on Radix Tree.
  • fastify-edge - An experimental lightweight worker version of Fastify.
  • burm - A simple, fast, reliable Object Relationship Manager for Bun.
  • Melonpan -⚡️A minimalistic and sweet router for blazing fast bun.
  • bunrest - An express-like API for bun server


  • serve-static-bun - Serve static files using Bun.serve or Bao.js.
  • bun-types - Typescript with Bun.
  • bun-utilities - Bindings for useful functions for bun.
  • bun-livereload - Automatically reload any imports.
  • bun-wifi-name - Get current wifi name in Bun.
  • bun-promptx - Terminal prompt library based on bubbles via bun:ffi.
  • blipgloss - Style definitions for nice terminal layouts 👄.
  • Lyra - 🌌 Fast, in-memory, typo-tolerant, full-text search engine written in TypeScript.
  • bnx - zx inspired shell for Bun/Node.
  • bun-aws-lambda - Hacky attempt to get bun to run on AWS Lambda
  • postgres-bun - fast postgres bindings for bun runtime (libpq ffi)



[EN] 🇬🇧

[ES] 🇪🇸


  • - Instant Bun playground in browser.
  • sublime-bun - Bun binary files viewer and other Bun-related stuff for Sublime Text editor.
  • Shumai - A delicious new outlook on command line argument handling with Bun.
  • asdf-bun - asdf version manager plugin for installing Bun.
  • setup-bun - Set up your GitHub Actions workflow with a specific version of Bun.
  • action-setup-bun - Setup GitHub Actions workflow with a specific version of Bun.
  • bun-discord-bot - Interaction Discord bot written in JS and TS using Bun runtime environment.
  • bun-discord-bot(serverless) - Official serverless discord bot for bun discord server.
  • bunbot - Native cross-platform GUI automation for the Bun runtime. Supports Mac and Windows for now.
  • Discall - A async functional discord API wrapper written in bun.
  • bun-doc - A procedural documentation and website generator written in Bun.
  • VS Code Bun extension - VS Code extension to execute JavaScript .js file or TypeScript .ts file by Bun.



This repository is built for the community. Submit packages, articles, blogs, videos and more that utilizes Bun to share with the developer community. Please refer to for details.