weighted directed graph data structure written in Object-C
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This is An implementation of weighted directed graph data structure written in Object-C. It uses Dijkstra’s algorithm to find the shortest path between a source node and target node.


The code is pretty well tested. Currently all tests pass, but it is not yet battle tested, and it is probably not perfect.

I don't know how good the performance for this is, but you should know that I didn't spend anytime on performance.

You should probably use this library as a starting point for your own graph data structure, and tweak / fix as you like.


Here is a quick example on how to use this lib.

#import "Graph.h"

int main(){
    Graph* graph;
    GraphNode *ns, *nt, *n1, *n2, *n3;
    GraphEdge *nsn1, *nsn2, *nsn3, *n1nt, *n2nt, *n3nt;

    // create the graph
    graph = [Graph graph];

    // add some nodes
    ns = [GraphNode nodeWithValue:@"ns"];
    nt = [GraphNode nodeWithValue:@"nt"];
    n1 = [GraphNode nodeWithValue:@"n1"];
    n2 = [GraphNode nodeWithValue:@"n2"];
    n3 = [GraphNode nodeWithValue:@"n3"];

    // add some edges
    nsn1 = [graph addEdgeFromNode:ns toNode:n1 withWeight:7.0f];
    nsn2 = [graph addEdgeFromNode:ns toNode:n2 withWeight:9.0f];
    nsn3 = [graph addEdgeFromNode:ns toNode:n3 withWeight:14.0f];
    n1nt = [graph addEdgeFromNode:n1 toNode:nt withWeight:10.0f];
    n2nt = [graph addEdgeFromNode:n2 toNode:nt withWeight:9.0f];
    n3nt = [graph addEdgeFromNode:n3 toNode:nt withWeight:1.0f];

    // The graph now look like this:
    //      /------7------> n1 ------10-----\
    //      |                               |
    //      |                               |
    //      |                               |
    // ns --|------9------> n2 ------9------|--------> nt
    //      |                               |
    //      |                               |
    //      |                               |
    //      \------14-----> n3 ------1------/

    // find the shortest path from ns to nt
    NSArray* path = [graph shortestPath:ns to:nt];
    // The result should be:
    //  [n3, nt]

    return 0;


Copyright © 2011 Aaron Qian. See LICENSE.txt for further details.