The Barcelona Aquapioneers Kit Design Files
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CAD Files
Construction - Operation manuals

The Aquapioneers Kit Barcelona Design

The Aquapioneers kit can transform a 54L (60x30x30 cm) aquarium into an aquaponic ecosystem. At the intersection of hardware and ecology, the ecosystem will allow you to grow fresh and tasty food all year round. This little piece of nature, will engage and inspire you, your family and your friends.

What makes the Aquapioneers kit different from other aquaponics kits, is its open source design, which was designed so that anyone can download and manufacture the kit locally in any digital manufacturing workshop, maker space or fab lab.

aquapioneers kit

CNC milling design files

  • Version 1 for a 50L Aquarium could be download here
  • Version 2 for a 50L Aquarium could be download here
  • Version 2 for a 180L Aquarium could be download here

Aquapioneers Ecosystem anatomy

anatomy 1

Project main documentation

The user manual has been divided into four blocks following the Aquapioneers Ecosystem anatomy to ease its construction, assembly and use.

anatomy 2

The release of this documentation is progressive, meaning that the so far “The Body”, "The Blood" and "The Nervous System" parts have been published. These editions will be regularly updated as a whole to reflect the comments and questions of our community.

Video tutorials

aquapioneers kit

Last but not the least, we have created a Youtube channel where we post some video tutorials to help you out related to the FAQs when it comes to maintain the ecosystem

Contributions & Community forum

We are constantly working on improving the documentation but still we encourage you to Fork the project and do a Pull request with your contributions. We thus encourage you warmly to leave any comments / suggestions / questions on our forum to be part of our community-based continuous improvement!

Open Source Non Commercial License - Why ?

All the hardware design files is released under creative license CC-BY-NC 4.0.Thi license gives anyone the right to download, edit and remix their own versions of the AQUAPIONEERS ECOSYSTEM designs. We think participation in design is something to be actively encouraged. By adapting, improving and creating new variations of the ecosystem we hope to encourage research, innovation and a spirit of collaboration.

Because empowering people is one of the fundamental pillars of our project, we believe that everybody should have free access to this documentation to explore aquaponics and digital fabrication. Unfortunately in 2017 it is not yet possible to make a living out of free work.. this is why we have decided to limit the free use of our work to individuals. While we hope to inspire sustainable innovation with our work, we believe that economic value created from inventions should also benefit the inventors. This is why commercial use of this documentation will only be permitted through formal collaboration agreements. If you are interested in making commercial use of this work, please get in touch with us at and we’ll do our best to find a way to work together!