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Spring + JAWR + Ext3 Java Web Sample Project
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Karma Jawr Sample

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The focus point is: Providing a way to show: how to write graceful javascript unittest in server render template engine.


  • Spring Framework
  • Spring MVC
  • JAWR
  • JAWR Locale Message Generator
  • Ext3


  • Karma + Mocha + Chai
  • Sinon
  • Integration with CI System


  • How to load necessary JS files into runtime easily? Because Java side uses JAWR as assets bundling tool to compact multiple JS files into one. Then Front-end uses <script> tags to include those bundles. This make it difficult to get the correct dependencies JS files.
  • How to mock the Locale Message Generator in global? Currently the JAWR Locale Message Generator is assigned as a property of the global object(We use it like locale.namesapce.field.a()). We need to construct this object when running test cases otherwise a lot of code will throw exception.
  • No best practice for Ext3 can be found from Internet

Plan: outline


Install Dependencies

mvn install && npm install

Build War & Deploy

You can deploy you war file in target/karma-jawr.war to your webapp container.(Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic...)

Install Frontend UnitTest Dependencies

npm install

For China User, since puppeteer v0.13.0 support CHROMIUM binary download mirror.

Please export environment variables PUPPETEER_DOWNLOAD_HOST= before npm install

For Windows Run


Since 2018-03-13 network issue, found another mirror on So you can also use this

For Unix Run


Frontend UnitTest

npm test
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