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Harbor Scanner Adapter for Trivy

The Harbor Scanner Adapter for Trivy is a service that translates the Harbor scanning API into Trivy commands and allows Harbor to use Trivy for providing vulnerability reports on images stored in Harbor registry as part of its vulnerability scan feature.

Harbor Scanner Adapter for Trivy is the default static vulnerability scanner in Harbor >= 2.2.


For compliance with core components Harbor builds the adapter service binaries into Docker images based on Photos OS (goharbor/trivy-adapter-photon), whereas in this repository we build Docker images based on Alpine (aquasec/harbor-scanner-trivy). There is no difference in functionality though.


Version Matrix

The following matrix indicates the version of Trivy and Trivy adapter installed in each Harbor release.

Harbor Trivy Adapter Trivy
- v0.28.0 trivy v0.26.0
- v0.27.0 trivy v0.25.0
harbor v2.5.0 v0.26.0 trivy v0.24.2
- v0.25.0 trivy v0.22.0
harbor v2.4.1 v0.24.0 trivy v0.20.1
harbor v2.4.0 v0.24.0 trivy v0.20.1
- v0.23.0 trivy v0.20.0
- v0.22.0 trivy v0.19.2
- v0.21.0 trivy v0.19.2
- v0.20.0 trivy v0.18.3
harbor v2.3.3 v0.19.0 trivy v0.17.2
harbor v2.3.0 v0.19.0 trivy v0.17.2
harbor v2.2.3 v0.18.0 trivy v0.16.0
harbor v2.2.0 v0.18.0 trivy v0.16.0
harbor v2.1.6 v0.14.1 trivy v0.9.2
harbor v2.1.0 v0.14.1 trivy v0.9.2


Harbor >= 2.0 on Kubernetes

In Harbor >= 2.0 Trivy can be configured as the default vulnerability scanner, therefore you can install it with the official Harbor Helm chart, where HARBOR_CHART_VERSION >= 1.4:

helm repo add harbor
helm install harbor harbor/harbor \
  --create-namespace \
  --namespace harbor \
  --set clair.enabled=false \
  --set trivy.enabled=true

The adapter service is automatically registered under the Interrogation Service in the Harbor interface and designated as the default scanner.

Harbor 1.10 on Kubernetes

  1. Install the harbor-scanner-trivy chart:
    helm repo add aqua
    helm install harbor-scanner-trivy aqua/harbor-scanner-trivy \
      --namespace harbor --create-namespace
  2. Configure the scanner adapter in the Harbor interface.
    1. Navigate to Interrogation Services and click + NEW SCANNER. Interrogation Services
    2. Enter http://harbor-scanner-trivy.harbor:8080 as the Endpoint URL and click TEST CONNECTION. Add scanner
    3. If everything is fine click ADD to save the configuration.
  3. Select the Trivy scanner and set it as default by clicking SET AS DEFAULT. Set Trivy as default scanner Make sure the Default label is displayed next to the Trivy scanner's name.


Configuration of the adapter is done via environment variables at startup.

Name Default Description
SCANNER_LOG_LEVEL info The log level of trace, debug, info, warn, warning, error, fatal or panic. The standard logger logs entries with that level or anything above it.
SCANNER_API_SERVER_ADDR :8080 Binding address for the API server
SCANNER_API_SERVER_TLS_CERTIFICATE N/A The absolute path to the x509 certificate file
SCANNER_API_SERVER_TLS_KEY N/A The absolute path to the x509 private key file
SCANNER_API_SERVER_CLIENT_CAS N/A A list of absolute paths to x509 root certificate authorities that the api use if required to verify a client certificate
SCANNER_API_SERVER_READ_TIMEOUT 15s The maximum duration for reading the entire request, including the body
SCANNER_API_SERVER_WRITE_TIMEOUT 15s The maximum duration before timing out writes of the response
SCANNER_API_SERVER_IDLE_TIMEOUT 60s The maximum amount of time to wait for the next request when keep-alives are enabled
SCANNER_TRIVY_CACHE_DIR /home/scanner/.cache/trivy Trivy cache directory
SCANNER_TRIVY_REPORTS_DIR /home/scanner/.cache/reports Trivy reports directory
SCANNER_TRIVY_DEBUG_MODE false The flag to enable or disable Trivy debug mode
SCANNER_TRIVY_VULN_TYPE os,library Comma-separated list of vulnerability types. Possible values are os and library.
SCANNER_TRIVY_SEVERITY UNKNOWN,LOW,MEDIUM,HIGH,CRITICAL Comma-separated list of vulnerabilities severities to be displayed
SCANNER_TRIVY_IGNORE_UNFIXED false The flag to display only fixed vulnerabilities
SCANNER_TRIVY_IGNORE_POLICY `` The path for the Trivy ignore policy OPA Rego file
SCANNER_TRIVY_SKIP_UPDATE false The flag to disable Trivy DB downloads.
SCANNER_TRIVY_OFFLINE_SCAN false The flag to disable external API requests to identify dependencies.
SCANNER_TRIVY_GITHUB_TOKEN N/A The GitHub access token to download Trivy DB (see GitHub rate limiting)
SCANNER_TRIVY_INSECURE false The flag to skip verifying registry certificate
SCANNER_TRIVY_TIMEOUT 5m0s The duration to wait for scan completion
SCANNER_STORE_REDIS_NAMESPACE harbor.scanner.trivy:store The namespace for keys in the Redis store
SCANNER_STORE_REDIS_SCAN_JOB_TTL 1h The time to live for persisting scan jobs and associated scan reports
SCANNER_JOB_QUEUE_REDIS_NAMESPACE harbor.scanner.trivy:job-queue The namespace for keys in the scan jobs queue backed by Redis
SCANNER_JOB_QUEUE_WORKER_CONCURRENCY 1 The number of workers to spin-up for the scan jobs queue
SCANNER_REDIS_URL redis://harbor-harbor-redis:6379 The Redis server URI. The URI supports schemas to connect to a standalone Redis server, i.e. redis://:password@standalone_host:port/db-number and Redis Sentinel deployment, i.e. redis+sentinel://:password@sentinel_host1:port1,sentinel_host2:port2/monitor-name/db-number.
SCANNER_REDIS_POOL_MAX_ACTIVE 5 The max number of connections allocated by the Redis connection pool
SCANNER_REDIS_POOL_MAX_IDLE 5 The max number of idle connections in the Redis connection pool
SCANNER_REDIS_POOL_IDLE_TIMEOUT 5m The duration after which idle connections to the Redis server are closed. If the value is zero, then idle connections are not closed.
SCANNER_REDIS_POOL_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT 1s The timeout for connecting to the Redis server
SCANNER_REDIS_POOL_READ_TIMEOUT 1s The timeout for reading a single Redis command reply
SCANNER_REDIS_POOL_WRITE_TIMEOUT 1s The timeout for writing a single Redis command.
HTTP_PROXY N/A The URL of the HTTP proxy server
HTTPS_PROXY N/A The URL of the HTTPS proxy server
NO_PROXY N/A The URLs that the proxy settings do not apply to


  • Architecture - architectural decisions behind designing harbor-scanner-trivy.
  • Releases - how to release a new version of harbor-scanner-trivy.


Error: database error: --skip-update cannot be specified on the first run

If you set the value of the SCANNER_TRIVY_SKIP_UPDATE to true, make sure that you download the Trivy DB and mount it in the /home/scanner/.cache/trivy/db/trivy.db path.

Error: failed to list releases: Get dial tcp: lookup on read udp> i/o timeout

Most likely it's a Docker DNS server or network firewall configuration issue. Trivy requires internet connection to periodically download vulnerability database from GitHub to show up-to-date risks.

Try adding a DNS server to docker-compose.yml created by Harbor installer.

version: 2
    # NOTE Adjust IPs to your environment.

Alternatively, configure Docker daemon to use the same DNS server as host operating system. See DNS services section in the Docker container networking documentation for more details.

Error: failed to list releases: GET 403 API rate limit exceeded

Trivy DB downloads from GitHub are subject to rate limiting. Make sure that the Trivy DB is mounted and cached in the /home/scanner/.cache/trivy/db/trivy.db path. If, for any reason, it's not enough you can set the value of the SCANNER_TRIVY_GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable (authenticated requests get a higher rate limit).


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests.

Harbor Scanner Adapter for Trivy is an Aqua Security open source project.
Learn about our open source work and portfolio here.