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Change detection of read-only IO streams to work on rubinius (issue #11

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commit 662f4ece9189b80552512790defba5abe20014e1 1 parent 5d47217
@aquasync authored
Showing with 5 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +5 −10 lib/ole/storage/base.rb
15 lib/ole/storage/base.rb
@@ -50,21 +50,16 @@ def initialize arg, mode=nil, params={}
raise ArgumentError, 'unable to specify mode string with io object' if mode
[false, arg]
- # do we have this file opened for writing? don't know of a better way to tell
- # (unless we parse the mode string in the open case)
- # hmmm, note that in ruby 1.9 this doesn't work anymore. which is all the more
- # reason to use mode string parsing when available, and fall back to something like
- # io.writeable? otherwise.
+ # do we have this file opened for writing? use mode when provided,
+ # otherwise try no-op methods which will raise if read-only
@writeable = begin
if mode
+ # works on mri 1.8 & jruby
- # this is for the benefit of ruby-1.9
- # generates warnings on jruby though... :/
- if RUBY_PLATFORM != 'java' and @io.respond_to?(:syswrite)
- @io.syswrite('')
- end
+ # works on mri 1.9 & rubinius
+ @io.write_nonblock('') if @io.respond_to?(:write_nonblock)
rescue IOError
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