A library for interaction automation of servers via VNC
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= Introduction

The ruby-vnc library provides for simple rfb-protocol based control of a
VNC server. This can be used, eg, to automate applications (sometimes there
is no better way), or script some sort of interaction.

Being VNC based gives it the advantage of being able to be run against
servers on any platform.

The primary documentation is for the Net::VNC class.

= Thanks

Code borrows a lot from Tim Waugh's excellent rfbplaymacro. So far all it
really offers on top of that is access to the host clipboard, and the ease
with which it can be scripted, ie taking conditional actions based on the
contents thereof.


* Having the ability to take and analyse screen dumps would be useful.

* Finish the specs.

* Fix issues with the way we use a background thread to handle the clipboard
  etc chatter from the server.