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After having my homedirs in subversion for years, moved this collection to Git in 2014 and standardised over all my machines.

To install:

mkdir ~/.dot
cd ~/.dot
clone <url>
cd dotfiles    # this takes you to the freshly cloned ~/.dot/dotfiles
sh  # follow the instructions and install the files in the homedir

Dependency on fzf and ripgrep rg

Both the shell configuration and vim make use of fzf. fzf is a general-purpose command-line fuzzy finder and helps one 'grep' really fast through filenames. It's an alternative for the well-known find. Install it by cloning the repository and running the install script (check the Installation notes too).

ripgrep, rg is a line-oriented search tool that recursively searches your current directory for a regex pattern while respecting your gitignore rules. Basically, a really fast (and clever) grep.

If your distribution does not provide a package, get yours from the releases page (there's a .deb for 64-bit systems).

vim config

The .vimrc has a lot going on. Find out more about my tweaks and use :Maps in vim itself to see key mappings

vim uses both fzf and rg, and also really likes having ctags (Exuberant Ctags) available.

Fix for shift+F6 in tmux (and screen probably)

In tmux, do infocmp > screen-256color. Add the line kf16=\E[17;2~, and compile the file with tic. This will result in ~/.terminfo/s/screen-256color with the correct keycode for shift+F6. .tmux.conf needs the line setw -g xterm-keys on for it to register correctly.

~/.git_repos config file

The update_repos script takes the ~/.git_repos config file and lets you update and clone your projects automatically (or at least in a batch). In the example the first four repos are located in ~/workspace/projects/github, and the other two in workspace/projects/others and workspace/projects/private respectively; then the workspace and group are empty, so mydocs is cloned into the homedir. At the moment, only paths relative to the user's homedir are supported.




# Homedir as workspace:

Interesting scripts

./bin/ description
calibre_update Update (or install) ebook manager Calibre
clean_mac_files Remove those DS_Store and other dirs
clean_project Remove compiled Python files, vim swp files
clean_pyc Remove compiled Python files
fixpermissions chmod dirs to 755, files to 644
fixpictimestamps Change file ctime to datetime from EXIF using exiftool
fontupdate Update nerd-fonts; whole repo on server, link font files to ~/.local/share/fonts
fuz Simple note-taking 'app' based on FZF and vim
git_autosave Simple script to call from crontab or something to commit certain files in Git and push
git_clean Clean the Git tree
sorter Sort files in newly created subdirectories, based on pre- or postfixes
update_repos Update a bunch of Git repos at once, like all your project. Config with ~/.git_repos


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