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# Example configuration. Copy to and modify to your needs
# NS API configuration
username = 'your@email.address'
apikey = 'someVeryLongKeyThatNSWillProvideYou'
# If you'd like ns-notifications to automatically do a `git pull` when a new version is detected, set to True
auto_update = False
# Notifications types:
# pb: PushBullet
# pt: Pebble Time timeline (not yet implemented)
notification_type = 'pb' # Use PushBullet
# Pushbullet API key. See their website
pushbullet_key = "YOURKEYHERE"
# Device to push to. Run ns_notifications with an invalid device_id for the list of which to choose
pushbullet_device_id = "DEVICEKEYHERE"
# Set to True when you want the disruptions (storingen) to go to a channel
pushbullet_use_channel = False
pushbullet_channel_tag = 'yourPushBulletChannelTag'
# You might want to set this to True if you're already subscribed to someone else's (official) PushBullet Channel or just
# are not interested in the disruptions
# See for example
skip_disruptions = False
# If you are only interested in disruptions, you might want to disable the trips (routes)
skip_trips = False
# If you are not interested in delays upon arrival (so only the departure of the whole trip), set to False
arrival_delays = True
# Uncomment the next two lines if you only want ERROR-level logging (or change to logging.WARNING for example)
#import logging
#debug_level = logging.ERROR
# 'minimum': amount of time a delay needs to be at minimum for which a notification is fired
# 'strict': if True and no connection is found for that exact time stamp, 'train cancelled' is fired
routes = [
{'departure': 'Heemskerk', 'destination': 'Hoofddorp', 'time': '7:44', 'keyword': 'Beverwijk', 'minimum': 5 },
{'departure': 'Amsterdam Sloterdijk', 'destination': 'Hoofddorp', 'time': '8:19', 'keyword': None },
{'departure': 'Schiphol', 'destination': 'Hoofddorp', 'time': '9:15' },
{'departure': 'Hoofddorp', 'destination': 'Heemskerk', 'time': '17:05', 'keyword': 'Hoorn', 'minimum': 3 },
{'departure': 'Amsterdam Sloterdijk', 'destination': 'Heemskerk', 'time': '17:39', 'keyword': 'Haarlem' },
#{'departure': 'Amsterdam Sloterdijk', 'destination': 'Nijmegen', 'time': '21:40', 'keyword': None }, # test
#{'departure': 'Amsterdam Sloterdijk', 'destination': 'Schiphol', 'time': '22:19' }, # test
#{'departure': 'Amsterdam Sloterdijk', 'destination': 'Amersfoort', 'time': '22:09' }, # test