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2016-12-23 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.66:
+ fix XDG desktop file content and execution bit
2016-12-23 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.65:
+ Add a rule to install wmnutrc to /etc
+ Refresh and modernize with recent autotools
+ Refresh and fix the README file
+ Update TODO
2012-06-04 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.64:
+ WMNut actually requires NUT 2.4.0 minimum, not 2.2.1!
+ src/wmgeneral.c: Only use XSetWMName() in withdrawn (native dockapp)
mode. This fixes Debian bug #565751
+ src/wmnut.c: cleanup debug functions and general layout
+ doc/wmnut.1: Escape hyphens to make groff happy
+ README.asciidoc: Rewrite README in Asciidoc format, to replace homepage
+ contrib/wmnut.desktop: Distribute a .desktop file, for windowed mode
2012-05-10 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.63:
+ acinclude.m4: removed since it's not useful
+ rework libupsclient detection, using pkg-config, and
remove the call to jm_CHECK_TYPE_STRUCT_UTIMBUF (from acinclude.m4).
WMNut now requires NUT 2.2.1 minimum!
+ README: update requirements to NUT 2.2.1 minimum
+ src/wmnut.{c,h}: switch to UPSCONN_t, as required by recent NUT
+ config.{sub,guess}, ...: refreshed with the latest autotools
+ rcfiles.c: fix some warning
2006-01-13 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.62:
+ Disable the XBell detection ad calls as these are not much usefull,
and cause some problems with the switch to Xorg and X11R7
+ Update the missing file
2005-01-05 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.61:
+ Switch to NUT 2.0 API (compatible with NUT 1.4 and 2.0)
+ Rework host handling (autodetection of UPS(s) on host,
as you can't anymore address directly an host, ie localhost,
without specifying the UPS)
+ update Mandrake spec file from the official one
+ Enhanced Solaris support, through getopt modification (thanks to David Butts)
2003-11-08 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.60:
+ Enable libupsclient autodetection (from nut-1.4.1-pre3)
2003-10-18 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.59:
+ better handling of communication with upsd
+ reworked autoconf mechanism (for autoconf 2.50 or later)
by renaming to, and updating
various things in
+ reworked Mandrake packaging spec file
+ xpm icons converted to png for Mandrake packaging.
2003-07-14 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.58:
+ switch command line parsing to getopt() to make it cleaner.
2003-05-internal Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.57:
+ Bug hunting (thanks to P. Marzouk): fixed a bug which prevented from
restoring values when a UPS was temporarily unavailable.
2003-04-internal Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.56:
+ Fixed cleaner a minor warning in rcfiles.c (Bill Richter)
2003-03-22 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.55:
+ Dropped out INFO_RUNTIME support to INFO_BATT_RUNTIME only
+ Re-enabled debug output (through -V option)
+ Re-enabled blinking communication status on lost communication
+ Re-enabled code that handle unsupported variables
+ Enhanced (again) nut files detection and handling in
Now WMNut can detect if the path given for --with-nut-* is a binary
installation from source or package, or if it is a source directory.
+ Back the standard naming scheme, using the pre-defined PACKAGE
variable in config.h
+ Added in contrib a basic ebuild script for Gentoo GNU/Linux
2003-03-20 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.54:
+ Fixed a minor warning in rcfiles.c
Thanks to Bill Richter for his help in beta testing:
+ Fixed a packaging problem (call to autoheader)
+ Enhanced nut files detection and handling in
2003-03-09 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.53:
+ Added configure option (--with-nut) to specify a global location
(directories) for upsclient.oh.
2003-03-06 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.52:
+ Bug hunting (thanks to Russell Kroll): ignore SIGPIPE, so upsd stop
doesn't result in a crash of WMNut (which results in a Wharf crash)
+ typo fix in Changelog and README (thanks to Bill Richter)
+ Spell checking and various update (thanks to Bill Richter)
+ Include autoconf/automake depends (install-sh, config.sub/guess,
missing and mkinstalldirs)
+ Added configure options (--with-nut-libs and --with-nut-includes)
to specify location (directories) for upsclient.oh and improved
configure rules to automatically check for upsclient.oh
2003-02-16 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.51:
+ (0.30) Switched to new NUT client library (files upsclient.h/o)
+ (0.40) Switched to autoconf/automake to enhance multi platforms support
+ Include packaging files for RPM (Mandrake) based
+ Did a bit of code cleaning.
+ Fixed some minor bugs
+ Various minor changes (reformated/renamed CHANGES, ...)
2002-05-05 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.1.0:
+ WMNut now supports multiple host monitoring.
+ Modified code to hide all values on lost communication.
+ Enhanced rcfile code.
+ Enhanced data (NUT) fetch code and add TCP mode.
+ Enhanced code to handle unsupported values and their display.
2002-03-16 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.0.9:
+ Added rc files support (/etc/wmnutrc and ~/.wmnutrc).
+ Modified Makefile to allow easy override of various parameters (NUT,
X11, install directories).
+ Replaced "-display" command line option with "-d" (easier, but
"-display" is still supported for compatibility).
+ Modified wmgeneral.h to define WMNUT_NAME (default is wmnut).
+ Modified code not to bail out every times when accessing unsupported variables.
+ Reformated help (-h argument) output so it now fits in 80 characters.
+ Modified code to handle FreeBSD X11 problems (Segfault on XCloseDisplay).
+ Modified code to handle blinking red "C" when communication is lost.
+ Fixed Makefile to use CFLAGS instead of COPTS and to include DEBUG flags.
+ Added full window name (form: "wmnut:upsname", eg "wmnut:el800@localhost").
+ Did a bit of code cleaning.
+ Fixed a bug for multiple blinking events at the same time.
2002-01-19 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.0.8:
+ Added blinking battery (Red/Yellow/Green) when On Battery (respectively
+ Added blinking 'C' when Communication Lost (Data stale).
+ Modified INSTALL to include "make install-misc" from NUT needed.
+ Modified fetch code to handle unsupported features (RUNTIME)
and other error codes.
+ Added X11 Atom management to allow clean window close (corrects the
"Broken pipe" message when exiting).
+ Added cleanup on exit (need to be completed).
+ Added a -w windowed mode (opposite to native withdrawn mode for Window
Maker). This allows better window handling on other Window Managers).
+ Fixed some problems with FreeBSD (forgotten #ifdef).
+ Did a bit of code cleaning (not completed).
+ Modified wmnut_master_LowColor.xpm according to wmnut_master.xpm
The -l (LowColor) option now works.
+ Modified wmnut_master*.xpm to make green plug as default (was blue)
according to Bill Richter (huge thanks to him for his help !).
+ Added "-v" option to print WMNUT version and information.
+ Added "-V" option to print available features and base values.
2002-01-01 Arnaud Quette <>
* wmnut-0.0.7: initial version.
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