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TODO list for WMNUT
Note: WMNut is no more evolving, though still maintained. This means that
the TODO list items below will probably never get implemented.
Planned for 0.70.0
* Status overview (9 R/G/B/none LED) between arrows and panel
Planned for 0.80.0
* Page 0 dedicated as a "launcher" page (to call wmnut configuration
GUI, or external application)
Planned for 0.90.0
* wmnut configuration GUI to ease user configuration,
Planned for 1.0.0
* Above and below features, no bugs and no user request pending.
Not scheduled yet or backgrounded:
* autoconf for getopt: EOF (Solaris) vs. -1 (HP-UX, AIX)
* Derive a gkrellm applet (or include an option)
* Validate and enhance other platforms support (FreeBSD,
NetBSD, Solaris and other NUT supported platforms),
and other window managers support
* Add an option to choose between battery load in bargraph
or with a battery (asapm style)
or Themability (skins !)
* Nice logo.
* Background color option
* Enlarge border in windowed mode to facilitate window moving
* consider creating /var/run/ (for fixing multi instance pb)
* Add setitimer to flush_expose() to deal with no X11 events
Abandoned features
* Derive a gnome / kde applet (or include an option). This is part
of other projects.
* dynamically reread rcfiles files on SIGUSR1
Your feedback is greatly appreciated! If you have nice
suggestions, ideas, whatever, that aren't on this list, feel
free to mail them to:
If you don't let me know... how am I suppose to know? ;-)