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Remix MythX plugin


Performs Static and Dynamic Security Analysis using the MythX Cloud Service.

Install plugin

In order to start using the plugin you need to activate it in plugin manager.

Plugin activation

The plugin has dependency Solidity Compiler plugin, you need to activate in also.


Plugin settings

You need to open the plugin and click on 'MythX Settings' button on the bottom of the plugin. There is a block with credentials on top of the plugin's Settings page. Those will be used for execution security analysis via MythX. There are trial credentials by default. You can use those credentials to analyze your contracts, but the report will be restricted.

You can create own account on


  1. Select smart contract in a File explorer
  2. Compile the contract in Solidity compiler plugin
  3. Open MythX plugin
  4. Select needed contract
  5. Click Analize, wait response


Plugin report When the report is received you will see a list of issues. You can click on an issue it will highlight the place of the issue in a code.


  1. If you run the plugin locally on Chrome, you may face with a white screen issue. The issue happens when a plugin uses more than 10% of the allocated resources for a page. In such a way browser detect and prevent malicious behavior of non-origin content, which is rendered in iframe on the page. The browser stops rendering of the content and waits until the sub-frame process stops using so many resources.


    1. Make sure that you build the plugin for the production environment

    2. Make sure that your React Chrome extension is disabled

  2. Brave browser error:

    Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document.


    Set Cookies setting to Allow all cookies on chrome://settings/shields page



When you want to update

  • node tools/ipfs-upload/bin/upload-remix-plugin <path-to-react-build-folder> : Upload to IPFS (Copy the Hash provided)
  • Update version & url of your profile under /plugins/mythx/profile.json
  • Push (should trigger a Github Action that take the new value and update the build/profile.json
  • Create a Pull Request and we approve it.
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