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An R interface for downloading results from an Experigen server
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An R interface for downloading results from an Experigen server. Works with the "classic" server that is currently running on as well, but its main advantage is that it helps a lot with the new functions of the newer version of the Experigen server. Most importantly, it helps with registration of experimenters, registration of experiments and accessing their data.


Key setup functions are:

  • setExperigenServer: sets the URL of the server where the data is stored. The default currently is
  • setExperigenCredentials (server version >=2 only): sets the experimenter username and password for access to registered data
  • registerExperiment, removeRegistration, getRegisteredExperiments (server version >=2 only): functions helping with registration of experiments, ie. limiting access to the given experiment to yourself. They do what's on their label.


Key download functions are:

  • getUsers: lists the userCodes and the number of records for each user
  • getDestinations (server version >=2 only): lists the destination files available for each experiment
  • downloadExperiment: downloads the results of a destination file for a given experiment into a data frame. This is the main download function.


For further info, see the R documentation!

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