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Made With PICO-8

A collection of my Pico-8 games

Pico-8 is a "fantasy video game console", that is to say, a video game console that never existed. Despite never existing, you can make games for it, and here are a selection of what I think are my more noteworthy attempts!

Game Selection

  • Bongo Cat
    • A small animation demo made back when the Bongo Cat meme was all the rage
  • Doodles
    • A collection of small doodles too minor to warrant their own folder
  • Final Fantasy Prelude
    • A composition of the title theme from the Final Fantasy series
  • Game of Life
    • Conway's Game of Life done in Pico-8, complete with editor
  • Honeytrap
    • A prototype game about a bee flying from flower to flower collecting pollen. Unfinished, but somewhat playable.
  • Huck Dunt
    • A demake of Duck Hunt done to fit in the length of two tweets (480 characters)
  • Icosahedron
    • An early attempt of mine to learn 3D graphic theory
    • Also includes an attempt to make the N64 logo in my terrible, terrible 3D engine.
  • Pico-Chip
    • A Chip-8 emulator for Pico-8
    • Also includes, a Python script which converts a Chip-8 binary into a .p8 file to be #include-ed for the emulator to run.
  • Piconian
    • My first game! A demake of the arcade game Bosconian
  • Quick Draw
    • A demake of the Quick Draw mini-game from Kirby's Adventure, made for the Pico1k game jam.
  • Rally-8
    • An unfinished demake of the arcade game Rally-X. Playable, but not polished.
  • Raycaster
    • A "3D" demo made in the style of Wolfenstein 3D.
  • Simon Says
    • A Simon Says clone made for another Tweet Jam.
  • Sixlets
    • A puzzle game where you try to match like-colored tiles to clear them.
  • Sixlets 2
    • A sequel to the first Sixlets, where you try to create a path through many same-colored tiles.
  • Snowman
    • A snowman themed puzzle game made while avoiding relatives at Christmas.
  • Starmoo Valley
    • A birthday gift to an online friend, full of weird in-jokes.
  • Wordle
    • A Pico-8 Wordle clone.


Also included is a modification of the Aseprite Pico-8 palette file which includes the 16 secret colors. Simply place the pico8-ex-palette folder along with the other Aseprite palettes to install.