MSDOS emulator built on top of Unicorn engine
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UniDOS is an emulator to run Microsoft DOS executables.

Built on top of Unicorn engine, UniDOS should be able to work wherever Unicorn works.


Unicorn must be installed before going to the next step.

On Mac OSX/Linux/BSD, simply run make to compile unidos.

$ make


Simply pass the DOS file and options to unidos. Below is an example on how to run a sample tool with our emulator.

To run, do:

$ ./unidos bin/

To unzip sample file, do:

$ ./unidos bin/ -o


Currently UniDOS can only handle COM file with some basic DOS interrupt services (INT 20h, INT 21h). Pull-requests to extend this tool are welcome.


This tool is released under the GPL license.


Nguyen Anh Quynh (aquynh at gmail dot com)