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Kotlin Safety Library Loader
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Kotlin Safety Library Loader

Dynamically download libraries in Kotlin/Android with digital signature checking at runtime.

Why ?

This is a thesis project at University of Bologna, Italy. The idea behind is to prevent personal user data spreading to third-party cloud systems, maintaining the feature to provide multiple server-side implementation of a service. With this Android library you can download at runtime specific dex libraries and retrieve its functionality.


The functionality depends on metadata exposed by a server. A built-in JSON RESTful server support is ready to use. You can provide a different implementation. See ServerManager for details.

The server endpoint, for example, must returns specific metadata, such as

    "url": "",
    "sapclassName": "",
    "version": "0.0.1",
    "extension": "dex",
    "signature": "DdglDaYEz1ApDmO...df/ydQ1SM=",

The Service Access Point Class Name (sapclassName) is the name of the class inside the library that will be read using reflection. This class methods represent all available functionality of the library.

To download and use the library exposed by the server

val ksll = Ksll(baseContext, RESTManager())

ksll.load("", { remoteLib ->
	remoteLib.require{ obj, methods ->
		methods.forEach{ println(it) }
}, { error ->
	println("Error: $error")	

Also using extension function

val ksll = Ksll(baseContext, RESTManager())

"".load(ksll, { remoteLib ->
	remoteLib.require{ obj, methods ->
		methods.forEach{ println(it) }
}, { error ->
	println("Error: $error")	


success: (lib: Lib) -> Unit
failure: (cause: Failure) -> Unit

Handle different types of error

ksll.load("", ... , { error ->
        val msg = when(error){
            Failure.NotTrustedData -> "Signature verification failed. Library not trusted."
            Failure.HTTPRequestError -> "Connection problem. Cannot retrieve library."
            else -> {
                "Unexpected error. Cannot load library."

        Toast.makeText(this, msg, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show()

Once a library RemoteLib/Lib is retrieved, to load the invokable methods

remoteLib.require(ksll){ obj, methods ->


lib.require(ksll){ obj, methods ->



See the sample application for detailed usage cases.


KSLL is released under the MIT license.

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