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Android client for Dokey platform
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Smarter workflow for any software

This project is no longer maintained

Dokey is a cross-platform (macOS, Windows, Android) productivity application. Dokey App turns any smartphone or tablet into an advanced controller for every software.

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Dokey App

  • Control: Turn your smartphone into the ultimate control panel for your apps
  • Ready: Dokey provides ready to use built-in panels for the most famous applications
  • Media: Control iTunes, Spotify and all your favourite media players
  • System: Shutdown, Restart and Lock your computer with a single tap

Dokey Desktop

  • Edit: Customize all the panels and even create of your own
  • Share: Share your panels with everyone and become the next workflow guru
  • Sync: Keep your panels real-time synced across your devices

Dokey Search

  • Powerful: Execute a command, launch an App, search on Google and much more
  • Fast: Quick-command aliases for your favourite actions to speed-up common tasks
  • Integrated: Dokey Search works flawlessly with all your favourite apps

Try it out

Dokey is no longer maintained nor distributed. If you want to try it out you can run it in a development environment:

  1. Download the apk on your Android phone from the releases page and install it
    1. Alternatively, clone this repository, open it with Android Studio or Intellij IDEA and run it on your phone
  2. Visit the Dokey Desktop repository and follow the instructions to get it running
  3. Open the Dokey App and scan the QR Code displayed by the Dokey Desktop window
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