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eSpeak Text-to-Speech

This branch contains changes to eSpeak to support building on a POSIX system by using autotools.

This does the following things:

  1. compile the libespeak library;
  2. compile the speak and espeak command-line applications;
  3. compile the espeakedit application;
  4. compile the voice data, creating an espeak-data directory.

This branch also contains some bug fixes and improvements that get sent back upstream.


The espeak and espeakedit programs, along with the espeak voices, can be built via the standard autotools commands:

$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

NOTE: The configure command detects various platform differences that the espeak makefiles don't cater for (e.g. different wxWidgets version) and detect the available audio setup to use automatically.

Historical Releases

1.24.02 is the first version of eSpeak to appear in the subversion repository, but releases from 1.05 to 1.24 are available on the sourceforge website at

These early releases have been checked into the historical branch, with the 1.24.02 release as the last entry. This makes it possible to use the replace functionality of git to see the earlier history:

$ git replace 8d59235f 63c1c019

NOTE: The source releases contain the big_endian, espeak-edit, praat-mod, riskos, windows_dll and windows_sapi folders. These do not appear in the source repository until later releases, so have been excluded from the historical commits to align them better with the 1.24.02 source commit.