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The microservice component of athenapdf.

A scalable, Go microservice for running HTML to PDF conversions using athenapdf.

Although it was predominantly designed for generating a PDF from a HTML using athenapdf, it is agnostic about the converter it uses. i.e. You can build an adapter for other CLI or web-based converters.


  • Extensible converter backend:
  • Hosts blocking:
    • Blocks unwanted ads, and trackers
    • Speeds up PDF generation
  • Supports uploading conversions to S3
  • Supports returning conversions to the browser (application/pdf)
  • Concurrent workers, and internal job queue:
    • Stateless
    • Easy to scale horizontally, and vertically
  • Strong service visibility for quality control:
  • Dockerized:
    • Easy to set up, distribute, and deploy
    • Runs in headless mode (the display server is handled for you)
    • Out-of-the-box support for a broad range of foreign characters
  • Actively maintained, and production tested

Quick Start

See docs/quick-start.md.


See docs/development.md.


See docs/building.md.