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AracPac Boxes

These packer configurations can be used to run existing projects or bootstrap new ones. Each variant is available as a standalone project and based on a specific operating system. Currently, there are boxes based on Ubuntu and CentOS Stream.

Scripts automate building, provisioning, scrubbing, shrinking, and exporting the boxes.


To build a box, simply cd into any configuration's directory and invoke packer with the packer.json file. For example, to build the CentOS 8 Stream box:

cd centos8-stream/
packer build packer.json

Once the build has completed, you can find the generated box in the centos8-stream/builds directory.


Distro images are configured in line with Hashicorp recommendations and using forked scripts from the Bento Box project. Software configuration is handled primarily via geerlingguy's Ansible Galaxy roles.

For additional configuration details, see the README file in each box's root directory.