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8/27/08: adding demisauce support for non js comments, (remote service capability) and memcached support for remote services
8/27/08: fixing bug that showed un-published items in rss feed.
5/18/08: adding anchor tags to show comments for index page with more than one item to go to detail page
5/18/08: added preview capability to blog posts so you don't have to publish to preview
5/18/08: pushed large set of changes to include Demisauce comments in Potlatch Blog
5/13/08: added blog version to admin ui
5/13/08: changed UI to not show "admin login" unless already admin, moved to top nav not side
5/13/08: Migrate Ability, implement archive migrate for v1.16
5/13/08: don't show "tags" on display pages if empty
5/13/08: Archive support: Keeps archive list of # posts per month, and ability to filter by them, show in sidebar