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Dopewars is a classic game where you play a drug dealer in 1985 New York City, and you have one month to make as much money as possible. It's in essence a buy-low-sell-high economics game. I liked playing the original game so much that I decided to write it in emacs lisp... because if there's one thing I know for sure, it's that not enough people write stupid little programs for emacs.

I'm basing this clone/implementation on both gameplay experience of the original, and also on a bit of the C source code for things I have trouble figuring out.

A Note on Usability

This game is not actually ready for any sort of proper use; in fact, all I've managed to do so far is some very fundamental buy/sell/jet functionality. While it ain't nothin', it sure ain't a full game. I'll be adding features regularly (and probably rewriting large swaths of the codebase) until it's something that actually makes sense. Please forgive the utter grossness of most of the functions.

I've only written a few projects in emacs-lisp, and I'm still very much learning how to use it, so I will stress this: I am using this project as a way to get better at elisp, and using it to learn how to write and properly package an elisp program.

That being said, here are some features that I still have yet to implement:

  • Bronx / Ghetto activities
    • Loan shark! done!
    • Bank!
  • 'Drop' action done!
  • Subway encounters (An old woman on the subway says...)
  • Endgame procedure
  • High scores
  • Cops
  • "Bitches"
  • Guns
  • Expensive/cheap notifications and functionality
  • Most other things


A big thanks to the folks in Freenode's #emacs channel for being awesome. They're almost as friendly as that huge spider in my garage that keeps offering hugs.