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Infrastructure Management and Automation

Scheduling EBS snapshots

Deleting old EBS snapshots on a recurring schedule

Cron Jobs (Logfile cleanup, etc.)


Dynamic Scaling with EC2 Spot Fleet

Building NoSQL Database Triggers with Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda

Email-triggered Actions with SES Incoming Emails

Email Receiving Rulesets hooked up to Lambda function
Based on language of incoming email forward email to according native speaker in the support team (use for language categorization)

Dynamic GitHub Actions with AWS Lambda

Building and Maintaining an Amazon S3 Metadata Index without Servers

A Zero-Administration Amazon Redshift Database Loader

Lambdash: Run sh commands inside AWS Lambda environment

Logging and Monitoring

Pushing CloudWatch to IFTTT

Splunk-enabled logging function

See blueprint splunk-logging

Real-time call progress monitoring with Twilio

Blueprint twilio-blueprint


Cheat Detection (Amazon Cognito Sync Triggers)

Build a serverless game with Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, Cognito (Computournament)

Deployment and Testing

Running arbitrary executables

GOLANG binaries

Serverless statistics with R (R wrapped by a lambda function)


RUST binaries

Automatically triggered static site generation and deployment on S3 (Hugo)

A simple serverless test harness using AWS Lambda (Unit- and Load-Tests)

See Blueprint lambda-test-harness

Deploying AWS Lambda code from Amazon S3 buckets

Static site generation using Contentful and AWS Lambda

Temperature Sensor Emulator (IoT)

Internal document

Application Services

LamdAuth: A Serverless Authentication Service

Triggering complex applications (such as Ray-Tracing) from Lambda

A Serverless HTTP-Endoint

See Blueprint "microservice-http-endpoint"

What is my IP?

API-Gateway + Lambda to output client's public IP

Handling S3 Events (Thumbnailing)

Handling AWS CloudTrail events (Real-time compliance checking)

Real-time Stream processing (Real-time Tweet Analysis and Classification)

DynamoDB Event Roll-Ups

Serverless Linux-Repository Management


Serverless Chat Application

Serverless Hello World Service


Hands-Free Slack: AWS Lambda meets Amazon Echo

Face recognition Service with OpenCV

Resize a video and outputs a thumbnail using FFmpeg

Serverless OCR Service

URL Validator

Serverless SlackBot

Serverless Dynamic DNS System

Appendix A: Debugging Lambda

Appendix B: Lambda Configuration and CI/CD

Appendix C: The Lambda Programming Model

  • NodeJS
  • Java
  • Python