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This is a mirror of

This plugin provides:
- Background compilation using latexmk;
- Completion for commands, environments, labels, and bibtex entries;
- A simple table of contents;
- Smart indentation (activated with "set smartindent");
- HIghlight matching \begin/\end pairs;
- Motion between \begin/\end pairs with the % key;
- Motion through brackets/braces (with user-defined keys);
- Environment objects (e.g., select environement with "vie" or "vae");
- Inline math objects (e.g., select inline math with "vi$" or "va$").

See ":help latex-box" for more details.

This plugins aims at being lightweight and simple. For more fully-fledged plugins, see:
- LaTeX-Suite: vimscript#475
- AutomaticTexPlugin: vimscript#2945

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