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Rike enables teams to autonomously administer their tasks according to the kanban principle and to thus work in a more focused manner. The meta-ticketing/planning tool is based on the kanban principle and embraces elements of other agile methods like extreme programming or scrum. With Rike, team members autonomously choose their tasks according to the so-called "pull principle". Thereby, all team members are equally challenged and able to bring their individual strengths to the table. By minimizing simultaneously pending tasks, Rike reduces the throughput time for individual tasks.

For further information see:


  • see AMI_QUICKSTART on how to start a preconfigured EC2 rike instance

or build from source:

System Requirements:

  • mysql (>= 5)
  • graphviz (dot)
  • java (>= 1.6)
  • liferay (= 6.1.1, with jquery)
  • maven (>= 3) is needed for assembly


MIT - see LICENSE or
Copyright (c) 2010 arago AG,

Bugs and Suggestions

  • please use the issue options of the sourcecode hoster
  • contact: rike-dev (at)


  • prepare for liferay 6.1
  • publish in liferay marketplace

Known Issues