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I read about rike in the recent issue of the german Linux Magazin. Thank you for freeing this software.
The first thing I saw was a docx file in the repo. It just looks awful to see a Word document there. Please don't tell me that programmers at arago manage requirements documents in Word?

You might want to just save it as a .txt (utf-8 of course) to not frighten die-hard free software advocates like me. :-)

Regards, Thomas Koch

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you are right. the document serves as an example for how one could incoroprate requirements with it. we keep track of requirements
in different ways. one of them is a word document. the people who know what the requirements are, might not necessarily be
fluent in UML-diagrams. they are familiar with *-office or the like. I, myself, am not fond of any of the *-office-suites, but,
whatever works, is good enough. try passing around a dia file, and get everyones feedback/changes.

rike per-se does not dictate how you organize stuff like that. it is up to the team to use something, like
buying an expensive tool (a fool with a tool ...), doing it the excel-sciency way, using plain-text, ...

but that's not even the point. the point is, that the document serves as an example. I absolutely agree, that dotx is
not suitable for the repository, so I replaced it with a pdf.

and thank you for your feedback :)

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