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Community Funding DAO
anteater (anteater0x)

Address of the transfer recipient


Amount of the transfer

12,500 DAI

Number and frequency of transfers if recurring (enter “1” if only one payment will be made)

Quarterly transfers with no expiration date, due by January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31st, respectively. The first transfer after this AGP is approved by ANT holders is by due by March 17, 2019, and transfers shall then resume quarterly according to the above schedule.

Purpose of the transfer

To fund a Bounty DAO that will be created by the Aragon Association or Flock team designated by the Aragon Association. The Bounty DAO shall be created and funded within two months of this AGP being approved by ANT holders (due date March 17, 2019).

The basic parameters of the Bounty DAO are:

Token: ANT (0x960b236A07cf122663c4303350609A66A7B288C0)
Vote duration: One week
Min. Quorum: 0%
Support: 66.6666666666666666%
Apps: Voting, Finance, and all default apps, configured so that only ANT holders can vote and create votes, and all Finance transfers require approval by the Voting app.

The purpose of the Bounty DAO is to fund low-cost, low-risk bounties that are proposed and voted on by ANT holders. Transfers can be proposed by any ANT holder at any time, either before or after completing work. It is up to the authors of each proposal to argue the merits of their proposal and convince ANT holders to approve it. The designated venue for discussing proposals is the Aragon community forum.

Since the Aragon forum is the venue for discussing Bounty DAO proposals, the contents of proposals must necessarily adhere to the Code of Conduct governing the Aragon forum, or else risk losing their audience and potential base of support. When the author is ready to create the transfer to fund the proposal, they should put the link to the forum discussion in the reference field so there is a record of what the transfer is for.