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Aragon Network Budget
anteater (@anteater0x), Luke Duncan (@lkngtn)

AGP-103: Aragon Network Budget

File changed (AGP-0 or AGP-1)


Link to proposed change

Motivation for making this change

I saw on the AGP wishlist that there is demand for an annual budget for the Aragon Network. I have been spending some time thinking about this ever since I took time to evaluate the financial impact of Aragon Black’s first AGP, and with spending ramping up further after the approval of Autark’s second proposal and potentially even further with Aragon Black’s second proposal, the need to put some kind of cap on spending seems more urgent than ever.

I worry that ANT holders are becoming short-sighted about how they are managing the treasury, and I hope a budget will impose some discipline on spending while the Aragon Network is still running at a loss. We cannot continue saying “yes” to every good looking proposal. A budget provides us a common agreement we can point at to justify why certain good proposals can be funded and others cannot.

I propose that we, the Aragon community and ANT holders, make a “Ulysses pact” with ourselves to not spend more than 5% of our treasury’s value, or 250,000 DAI, whichever is greater, in any given Aragon Network vote cycle. The result is that we will always have five or more years worth of runway, until we get down to a treasury value of 5 million DAI and spending is capped at 250,000 DAI per vote cycle.



Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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