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Develop and launch Aragon Chain
Aidan Hyman & Gregory Markou

AGP-106: Develop and launch Aragon Chain

Address of the transfer recipient


Amount of the transfer

A total of $500,000 USD will be allocated to the Aragon Chain. Invoices will be sent to the Aragon Association, and compensation will be at their discretion.

Number and frequency of transfers if recurring (enter “1” if only one payment will be made)


Purpose of the transfer

At the moment, Aragon fully depends on Ethereum mainnet in order to function.

However, Ethereum may not be the best platform for all Aragon use cases. Some Aragon organizations may not want to pay the security and composability premium for being on Ethereum.

On top of this, we are seeing increased development and user experience costs resulting from changes in the Ethereum protocol that break Aragon organizations.

Building a sovereign layer 1 protocol owned and operated by the Aragon community will ensure that we can continue enhancing Aragon, and even introduce protocol changes that make running decentralized organizations easier and cheaper. This way we can offer Aragon organizations another option parallel to Ethereum, with different security, cost, and performance trade-offs. The idea is for this chain to be heavily focused and optimized for the Aragon use case, so other heavyweight use cases that are currently clogging the Ethereum network wouldn't necessarily have any incentives to run on the Aragon Chain.

The Aragon Chain will be an EVM-compatible Proof of Stake blockchain whose native staking token is derived from ANT (in a similar fashion as the Aragon Court's ANJ).

Aragon One has worked with ChainSafe Systems on a feasibility study on what the most fitting technology for building the Aragon Chain is. We are now certain of the way forward and it's ready to get into the specification and development phase.

Feasibility report: PDF

The report goes in-depth between the current leading staking chains: Polkadot and Cosmos. Throughout the report comparisons are made based on Aragon-specific optimizations, and cross-chain communication.

Deliverables from this project:

  • Publish Aragon Chain spec
  • Develop full-node software that follows the Aragon Chain spec
  • Launch Aragon Chain testnet
  • Launch Aragon Chain mainnet

Recipient information

Organization (if any)
Name: ChainSafe Systems
Other URL:

Fill out the following information for each individual team member who will be managing funds from this transfer:

Name: Gregory Markou
PGP key fingerprint: 00BA 1344 6C1B 51D8 C730 131B EE32 8DC9 AD61 010C
Other URL:


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.