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Aragon Comprehensive Legal Review Program
burrrata (@burrrata)

AGP-118: Aragon Comprehensive Legal Review Program

Description of desired Association policy change

Fund up to five hours of legal council for every Aragon application funded by the Aragon Association via an AGP, the Nest program, or the Flock program. This council would cover the following points:

  • if developers would be held liable for shipping the application
  • if users would be held liable for using the application, and if so what use cases would fall under what rules
  • creating a disclaimer that can be attached to Aragon apps releasing developers of any liabilities and informing users to do their own research

Motivation for changing this Association policy

Aragon apps are cool. Aragon apps are fun. Aragon apps are, legally compliant?

Aragon exists to allow anyone anywhere to organize freely. Just passing votes and making decisions is fairly non-controversial. When money is attached to those votes, things are different. In many parts of the world there are strict rules as to what you can and cannot do with money. This is currently a legally grey area as tokens may or may not be classified as money, commodities, securities, or even other things depending on your jurisdiction. This is frustrating and nerve-racking for Aragon application developers.

Just like applications receive security audits, they could also receive a legal audit. Having legal council before shipping applications to mainnet would improve the experience of building and shipping Aragon applications. This would help developers sleep sound at night. It would also increase consumer confidence in Aragon applications. This would help organizations and users understand what they can and cannot use Aragon applications for.

We cannot boil the ocean. Hiring lawyers in every jurisdiction in the world is not possible. We can, however, consult legal council in jurisdictions which have a significant user base. The Aragon Association is in a prime position to build relationships with legal partners and provide this service to Aragon projects. This is essential so that people can build, ship, and use Aragon apps with confidence.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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