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Aragon Mesh Sponsorship
Aragon Mesh Team (@aragonmesh on keybase), Gabriel Garcia (@0xGabi), Daniel Constantin (@0x6431346e)
Stage VI

AGP-130: Aragon Mesh Sponsorship


Aragon Mesh started as a Nest project to fund the development of the aragonCLI. To manage the grant funds we implemented a milestone-based process inspired by Giveth, where contributors would summarize their work over a given period alongside a reasonable pay rate and the other DAO members would vote whether to approve their compensation. We think this process is low-overhead and fits the DAO very well at this stage.

Our mission is to improve the developer experience as a whole, which includes easing the on-boarding process of new developers that wish to work on the Aragon core infrastructure & SDK. This AGP aims to compensate those devs.

In this new endeavor we are looking forward to formalizing and improving the current process. We have been keeping track of milestones in this GitHub repository: AragonMesh/team. As part of improving the current process we would like to continue experimenting with the Projects app of the Open Enterprise suite and bounty-based compensation.

Aaragon One will be leading the roadmap of the SDK to shape the future of the dev tooling. It will be responsible for doing the research needed and experiment with new technologies. Mesh will fund devs contributing to the SDK roadmap. An onboarding process will be in place and members will be part of the SDK Working Group. We welcome every developer to add milestones on the Mesh DAO if their work was SDK related.

Address of the transfer recipient

Mesh Mainnet DAO Agent Address (as Vault): 0x3baa6420a4c683b497fa392ab9ebd89f2c041fe2

Amount of the transfers

30,000 DAI

5,000 ANT

Number and frequency of transfers if recurring (enter “1” if only one payment will be made)

Quarterly transfers of 30,000 DAI and 5,000 ANT minus unused funds from the previous quarter if any. This is the amount to be debited from the quarterly Finance track budget.

The transfer will be made after each ANV has completed.

Purpose of the transfer

This sponsorship is to keep a continue stream of funding to support new developers wanting to contribute to core infrastructure of Aragon. ANT will be used as a reward mechanism.

The funds will be controlled by token holders of the MESH token.

They will have permissions to:

  • Fund milestones
  • Accept requests of milestones
  • Vote to approve payments

Recipient information

Mesh DAO


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

Note: This AGP was inspired on previous AGPs done by @burrrata and @lkngtn, thanks guys.

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