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AGP Title Author Status Track Created
Fundraising Maintenance
Stage VI

AGP-143: Fundraising Maintenance

Address of the transfer recipient

0x8873b045d40A458e46E356a96279aE1820a898bA or a multisig to be deployed

Amount of the transfer

30,000 DAI

20,000 ANT

Number and frequency of transfers if recurring


Purpose of the transfer

When the last AGP occured, Aragon Black renounced running for Flock due to some uncertainties regarding the Flock process itself. We are now working on a more self-sustainable path to support our team effort in the mid-term. Though, the fundraising app needs maintenance in the short-term.

The goal of this grant is to support the maintenance of the Fundraising app during the next three months [and reward the off-Flock work that occurred during November to release fundraising to mainnet]. The main initiatives to be funded by that grant are:

  • Mainnet release. The Fundraising app is currently being polished both contract-wise and frontend-wise to be published to mainnet.

  • Frontend maintenance. As with any new complex app we can expect some frontend bugs that would need to be fixed once Fundraising is published to mainnet.

  • Technical feedback. Lots of [potential] users are currently asking for technical feedback or feasibility studies about potential features implementation.

We expect these tasks to require a weekly 35 men-hour effort [i.e. 1.5 days of weekly work for each of our three dev members] over the next 3 months [with an average payroll of $60 / hour leading to a $25,000 grant] and ask an extra $5000 to account for the work done prior to that grant [leading to a total $30,000 grant].

We also ask for a 20k ANT package to acknowledge Fundraising's contribution to ANT value and allow us to experiment with ANT / DAI arbitrage as a sustainability mechanism for our team.

Recipient information

Aragon Black dev team


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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