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Reduce the judgment powers of AGP Editors
John Light (@john-light)
Stage VI

AGP-153: Reduce the judgment powers of AGP Editors

File changed (AGP-0 or AGP-1)


Link to proposed change

Motivation for making this change

Currently, AGP Editors are tasked with reviewing proposals for compliance with AGP-1, with no explicit exceptions made. Since AGP-1 also mandates compliance with AGP-0: The Aragon Manifesto, this means that AGP Editors are also currently tasked with assessing whether or not a proposal is compliant with AGP-0.

This AGP and its associated pull request intends to modify AGP-1 to create an exception for the judgment powers and responsibilities of AGP Editors that removes the requirement that AGP Editors review AGPs for compliance with AGP-0. This power and responsibility is instead shifted to the Aragon Association Board of Directors, who are tasked under this AGP with reviewing AGPs for compliance with AGP-0 during the Stage V Association Review.

Although not explicitly stated in the modified AGP-1 text of the pull request associated with this AGP, the medium/long-term expectation of the author is that eventually the power and responsibility for reviewing proposals for compliance with AGP-0 will transition from the Aragon Association to Aragon Court.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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