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Flock Funding for Autark
Yalda Mousavinia (@stellarmagnet) and Quazia (@quazia)

Address of the transfer recipient


Amount of the transfer

390,000 DAI

Number and frequency of transfers if recurring (enter “1” if only one payment will be made)


Purpose of the transfer

Autark is a new organization that wants to be considered for Flock funding. Autark sees the adoption of Aragon as a way of expediting the future of work and society; one tailored around worker-autonomy, solidarity, reclaiming freedom, reclaiming land, and ultimately the stewardship for Planet Earth and all of its citizens.

To cover our operation costs, Autark requests:

  • $390,000 paid in DAI to cover 26 weeks of operating costs for 6 full-time employees and contractors (February 3rd to August 3rd 2019)
  • 350,000 ANT as an incentivization package for the 6 full-time employees. This ANT will have a 1-year cliff and 4-year vesting.

Read the full proposal here

Recipient information

Organization: Autark

Name: Autark

Website: tbd

We have a Gnosis multisig wallet with 2/3 signatures required. These are the individual team member who will be managing funds from this transfer:

Name: Yalda Mousavinia

PGP key fingerprint: 39C7E6C74577C989871A45F458F9F1A930F05098


Other URL:

Name: Quazia

PGP key fingerprint: E9EA3161A092AFE42226C1FD468B9893854E19ED


Other URL:

Name: Radek

PGP key fingerprint: tbd


Other URL: