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Flock Funding for Aragon Black
Olivier Sarrouy (@osarrouy)

AGP-34: Flock Funding for Aragon Black

Address of the transfer recipient

We request funds to be sent to the multisig 0x233373130f7d859c1d743d01b7dfa09b9667a69a. This multisig will be used for the cold storage of received funds.

Funding needed for operations will be then sent and managed by the Aragon Black DAO (black.aragonid.eth) on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Amount of the transfer

  • $450,000 paid in DAI [or any other stable assets].
  • 125,000 ANT.

Number and frequency of transfers

  • The $450,000 payment will be divided in two chunks.
  • The 125,000 ANT payment is going to be handled by the AA with respect to the process described here and here.

Purpose of the transfer

Aragon Flock proposal, as stated in the Flock repo. The proposal was pre-approved and merged into the Flock repo on April 8th, 2019.

Last proposal commit:
Proposal SHA-256 hash: b6b3aff60b86d916b9121dcfcc92acb335a780dd4e0847d782ee8d6342300c7f

Recipient information


Name: An Aragon DAO for now. A company / non-profit incorporated in the EU will be registered later.


Team members who will be managing funds from this transfer

Name: Olivier Sarrouy

PGP key fingerprint: 1AEC 7D58 6C9A 2745 1C14 ED28 B1F6 0F57 5227 4DC3 (Keybase)

Name: Nolwenn Jollivet

PGP key fingerprint: FA10 6F04 B3D7 5622 DEC8 2146 5BE5 69D2 78ED 3682 (Keybase)

Name: Alexandre Rouxel

PGP key fingerprint: CD46 1846 D33B D18B 7C33 59E0 8C48 9F79 C0D0 20E3 (Keybase)

Name: Cem Dagdelen

PGP key fingerprint: 932E 9A3D 027E 222F B3A9 A8C4 5F3E FB0A F978 DA7A (Keybase)

Name: Daniel Shavit

PGP key fingerprint: E6D7 5186 F0A8 0B5E 34FC B5D7 98F8 7395 B0DC D9EF (Keybase)

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