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Aragon Cooperative DAO funding proposal
Julian Brooks (@julianbrooks) & Gustavo Segovia (@sepu85)

AGP-40: Aragon Cooperative DAO funding proposal

Address of the transfer recipient

Amount of the transfer

15,600 DAI & 6000 ANT

Number and frequency of transfers if recurring



We propose to organise, manage, and drive forward the Aragon Cooperative DAO. Committed to work for the benefit of Aragon and serving our members, we aim to support the cohesion of the Aragon community overall. While leading by example to consider, produce, and promote emergent Cooperative DAO principles, we are equally engaged in the overall Aragon ethos (including exploring the work and outputs taking place herein) and sharing such products with the wider blockchain global ecosystem at large.

Purpose of the transfer

Funding of the following activities and deliverables in support of the Aragon Cooperative DAO:


We propose to work within and for Aragon, adding value and providing strong ROI, through supporting production of such outputs that will iterate on the following basis: Funds provide support for one (1) Human Working Day, five (5) days per week, for three (3) months (May – July 2019) at three hundred (300) DAI per day.

Aragon Cooperative DAO will manage the overall funds, with the current expectation to be that we will propose Julian Brooks and Gustavo Segovia to be paid for their contributions, working two (2) days per week each (four days in total p.w.). Further paid contributory opportunities for appropriately skilled Aragon Cooperative DAO members will also be made available upon request and requirement. Such requirement to be determined by the cooperative membership itself. Community suggestion and participatory discussion is also most welcome.

Work carried out will be fully documented and auditable each month. Employed DAO members are fully committed to serve the needs and requirements towards the sustainable future of the Aragon Cooperative DAO itself, as well as supporting and assisting the wider Aragon ecosystem at large.

Examples of the Aragon Cooperative DAO’s overall purpose includes: methods for community members to gain meaningful involvement within Aragon beyond forum/chat contributions - e.g. Community Fund DAO proposal curation; knowledgeable signalling procedures for ANT holders through engagement and research regarding proposals, including voting on AGP’s; simplified and ongoing rewarding procedures for community contributions (in ANT); participation in meaningful governance, cutting-edge research, radical experimentation and valuable procedural contribution.

More widely, the Aragon Cooperative DAO will provide templates and examples of a functional Cooperative DAO, with documented processes and procedures, founding principles and bylaws, examples for onboarding/offboarding and day to day operations - all built upon the Aragon ethos and toolsets.

It is our strong belief that the Aragon Cooperative DAO is well able to serve its members and the Aragon community as a whole. In our consideration we are poised to enact profound change, not only in the burgeoning DAO movement but towards constructing techniques for global Cooperative Organisation as a whole. Such work is deserving of financial support, a place within the Aragon ecosystem and focussed goal-oriented paid contributions for the membership, adding further value to our growing community as a whole.

As we have already seen from the abundant interest generated by our small-proto-group already, this inherent potential is vast. We consider that without the possibility to drive such a project forward, our fear is such an opportunity may go to waste. We, as a committed cooperative ensemble will work relentlessly to not let this happen, and you as ANT holders possess the possibility to now light the blue-touch-paper for us. As the Putnam Prize winning mathematician, computer musician and one of our project mentors Prof. Miller Puckette is often heard to say - “let’s build it and see what it does”.


  • Cooperative DAO bylaws

  • Membership on-boarding and off-boarding process

  • Token(s) (definition and) allocation.

  • Governance procedures

  • Formulating Coop Projects and Grants Proposals

  • Management of Community Fund DAO applications

  • Further Coop AGP application construction

  • Documentation of practice (education & knowledge sharing)

  • Dogfooding and documentation of Aragon tooling and workflow

  • Further suitable community-led, signalled and proposed opportunities

Recipient information

Organization (if any)

Name: Aragon Cooperative DAO


Fill out the following information for each individual team member who will be managing funds from this transfer:

Name: Aragon Cooperative DAO

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