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Aragon Portfolio Diversification - Acquisition of DOTs
Aragon Association (after consultation with the Web3 Foundation)

AGP-41: Aragon Portfolio Diversification - Acquisition of DOTs


A range of events has occurred over the last few months which have strengthened the ties between Aragon and Polkadot. As a result, we uncovered a number of new opportunities for collaboration between Aragon and Polkadot, as described here.

As Polkadot moves towards its launch, tentatively planned for later in 2019, there is a strong likelihood that Polkadot can support Aragon’s scalability plans.

Technology Collaborations & Parachain Deployment

The two projects share a number of synergies on the technical level. Aragon’s UX/UI, for starters, could become an important tool for voting and communicating in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Furthermore, Aragon DAOs could be launched on Polkadot easily as the network will be optimized for such activity.

Thirdly and most importantly, should Aragon evaluate the potentiality of its own application-specific chain, it would be prudent to hold a number of DOTs such that a long term parachain slot could be locked up to support these endeavours. To this end, this proposal's goal is to strengthen the relationship between the Aragon ecosystem and the Web3 Foundation.

Treasury Management

Given the state of crypto and the significant volatility to which the cryptocurrency markets have been subjected, one can argue that diversification of the asset base is considered a necessity. We are of the opinion that diversification into high-quality crypto-assets, which represent technically strong crypto-networks, is fundamental to a sound treasury management strategy.

Polkadot encourages active participation in the network by providing an inflationary reward to allocations which are staked. This, along with Aragon's new ability to take an active role in the governance process at Polkadot, are important considerations.

In closing, there are compelling arguments in favor of Aragon's diversifying some of its crypto assets into DOTs. The Web3 Foundation has offered a sizable discount reflecting the nature of the collaboration with Aragon and most favored partner benefits.

Aragon Support Options

The Aragon Association is seeking the signaling by the community for the approval of closer engagement in technology collaboration and parachain development, as well as in purchasing DOTs to diversify its crypto assets. After the signaling is evaluated, the Aragon Association will determine the appropriate amount for the DOT purchase, with a maximum amount equivalent to $1.5M.

Address of the transfer recipient


Amount of the transfer

Determined by the Aragon Association.

Number and frequency of transfers

Determined by the Aragon Association.

Purpose of transfer

Diversification of treasury assets and securing a DOT allocation for the option to natively deploy a parachain upon Polkadot's network launch.

Recipient information

Organisation Name: Web 3.0 Technologies Stiftung

Organization Structure

Swiss foundation


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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