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Support Quiet Ending Voting
John Light (@john-light)

AGP-64: Support Quiet Ending Voting

Proclamation text

ANT holders who vote to approve this proposal support a change to the AGP process that implements Quiet Ending Voting. The Quiet Ending Voting feature would activate a Vote Extension, extending the vote duration by some period of time (to be specified in a future AGP) if the outcome of the vote is changed during the Quiet Ending Period (also to be specified in a future AGP). ANT holders who vote to approve this proposal also support a change to the Voting app that would remove the ability for voters to change their vote after it has been confirmed by the Ethereum network.

Motivation for writing this proclamation

There has been evidence showing that larger holders of ANT can have a significant influence on the outcome of a vote by waiting until the last minute to cast their vote, sealing the outcome in their favored direction without giving a chance for ANT holders who have not yet cast their vote to respond.1

Adopting Quiet Ending Voting will ensure that if a vote outcome is changed within the Quiet Ending Period that ANT holders who have not yet voted will have a chance to respond. Removing the ability for voters to change their vote after it has been confirmed would remove the possibility for a voter or group of voters to "grief" the vote by continually changing their vote, and therefore the outcome of the vote, and extending the voting duration by an indefinite period of time.

For example, if the Vote Extension is 24 hours, and the Quiet Ending Period is 12 hours, then if the outcome of a proposal changes from "Yes" to "No" or vice versa within 12 hours of the end of the scheduled vote duration, then the vote duration will be extended by another 24 hours. The vote will remain open until the Quiet Ending Period ends without the Vote Extension being activated. Note that these parameters are only example parameters, and the exact parameters to be used in the Aragon Governance Proposal Process are to be defined in a future AGP.

This proposal does not implement Quiet Ending Voting but is intended to gauge and signal the level of support for Quiet Ending Voting by ANT holders. If this proposal is approved, it will show ANT holder support for investing additional resources into researching and developing the changes necessary to implement Quiet Ending Voting in Aragon. Once the Quiet Ending Voting feature is fully developed, another AGP may be submitted in a future Aragon Network vote to modify AGP-1 and the governance.aragonproject.eth organization to adopt the feature.



Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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