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2019 Aragon Events Multisig Budget
John Light (@john-light)

2019 Aragon Events Multisig Budget

Address of the transfer recipient


Amount of the transfer

65403.22 DAI

Number and frequency of transfers if recurring (enter “1” if only one payment will be made)


Purpose of the transfer

The Aragon Events Multisig was set up to fund the sponsorship of Aragon community events, with day-to-day management by the Aragon One Comms Team and oversight by the Aragon Association. This proposal will fund the budget through the end of 2019 and will also be used to pay back the Aragon Association for fiat payments made thus far to cover event expenses on the Aragon Events Multisig's behalf. Funds not used this year will roll over into next year's budget.

Breakdown of funds requested

60000 DAI - 2019 Events Multisig Budget
5403.22 DAI - Fiat payments made by the Aragon Association on the Aragon Events Multisig's behalf

Record of Aragon community event expenses so far in 2019

Date Event Expense Amount Currency CHF Rate CHF Total
2019-02-26 COALA Foundation Paris meetup Sponsorship 2000 EUR 1.13485 2269.70
2019-03-06 DGOV Assembly Paris Sponsorship 800 EUR 1.13388 907.10
2019-07-01 COALA Foundation Cagliari workshop Sponsorship 2000 EUR 1.11321 2226.42

Recipient information

Name: events.aragonid.eth

Fill out the following information for each individual team member who will be managing funds from this transfer:

Name: John Light
PGP key fingerprint: 8A3DEC57578065D3F6545A073132CA7A9D3C9B66

Name: Luis Cuende
PGP key fingerprint: 1834CBEF4022B55057651070DC59CF69F19801F5

Name: Stefano Bernardi
PGP key fingerprint: 912EE6E0E91AF0358575AC68CB5F8AB8008AA6E0


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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