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Decentralize Nest
Louis Giraux (@louisgrx)

AGP-70: Decentralize Nest

Description of desired Association policy change

The Aragon Association is proposing the implementation of a Nest DAO governed by community members. This DAO will be in charge of selecting Nest grantees. We consider it a first step to decentralize Nest and make it an autonomous grant program.

Through this AGP, the Aragon Association is seeking approval from the community to take the necessary steps to fulfill this vision.

Motivation for changing this Association policy

Up until now, the Aragon Association has been in charge of running the Nest program. This has included:

  1. Maintaining the Nest GitHub repository
  2. Coordinating discussions around Nest proposals among network participants
  3. Selecting Nest teams and respectively allocating grants
  4. Following up on grantees, monitoring their deliverables, and ensuring coordination between grantees and the rest of the network

This AGP aims at putting the Nest DAO in charge of "3. Selecting Nest teams and respectively allocating grants" and to update the grant allocation process accordingly.

About the implementation of the Nest DAO and the new Nest grant allocation process

The most recent description of this new process can be found here:

In order to address potential unexpected issues that could arise during the review and implementation phase of the new process, the Aragon Association wishes to keep the flexibility to update and adjust it as necessary. This will be done in collaboration with freshly onboarded Nest DAO members (see membership for the Nest DAO) and made transparent to the Aragon Community through a post on the Aragon Forum.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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