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Single-purpose native mobile app for Aragon voting
Paul Cowgill (@pcowgill)

AGP-74: Single-purpose native mobile app for Aragon voting

Proclamation text

Aragon should have a single-purpose native mobile app (not a PWA, not a web app in a mobile dapp browser app, and not a mini-app inside of an app) for the Voting app in Aragon DAOs. It should support notifications at points of interest such as when new votes are created, votes are ending soon, votes have flipped, and votes have been finalized. In the case of censorship by Apple in the App Store or Google in the Play Store, the experience should downgrade gracefully to voting via the traditional web-based methods (there are at least a couple strategies to achieve this).

Motivation for writing this proclamation

I find myself using my Aragon DAOs and participating in Aragon network votes less than I actually would like to because of the lack of a mobile app. I'm highly motiviated to use Ethereum dapps and am pretty tech-savvy, so just imagine how many people who aren't dapp fans are lost from the Aragon "user acquisition funnel" because of this.

In the web 2 world, power users use native mobile apps, and a less engaged but broader audience uses mobile web apps in a browser. One reason for this is that native mobile apps provide better UX overall, but there is slightly more friction in order to get started.

Aragon is actively limiting its mainstream appeal by not offering a native mobile app, and this undermines the goals laid out in AGP-0.

Pre-existing discussions about this topic prior to this AGP

  1. Aragon Nest proposal:
  2. Community discussion in the forum:

I'll note that in the above posts the Tasit project (which I am involved in) has expressed interest in building such an app, but this proclamation in no way endorses the idea that the Tasit project should be play a role in building this app.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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