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The Aragon Governance Survey Process
Yalda Mousavinia (@stellarmagnet)

The Aragon Governance Survey Process

Version 1.0

To improve Aragon Network's governance capabilities, the Survey App will be installed to the governance.aragonproject.eth organization. Surveys are non-binding and will be useful for gaining ANT holder sentiment on AGP pre-proposals, product roadmaps, amongst other use cases.

Survey Cycle

Aragon Network Surveys will occur on a rolling basis and last for 28 days. As surveys are non-binding, the Minimum Participation Percentage is 0%.

Curation Committee

A curation committee ("Committee") will be established to ensure that Surveys are worded accurately and to prevent spamming. The Committee will have initial members that are granted permission to create surveys, with one member from each Flock team and one member from Aragon Association. Committee members will be assigned by each team at their choosing. These members will review applicants for an additional unaffiliated member who is part of the Aragon community.

Curation Process

A surveys repo will be created in the @aragon organization on Github, where anyone can post Survey Requests by creating a New Issue in the repo. The survey will be added in the next cycle if the request gets at least two Thumbs Up emojis (👍) from the Committee. Committee members cycle through the responsibility of creating the surveys.

Updating the Aragon Governance Survey Process

An initial governance process has been proposed above. This process can be amended by submitting an AGP that modifies the Survey app in the governance.aragonproject.eth organization.

Motivation for writing this proclamation

The Survey app allows for questions which are not strictly yes or no, which can be important in assessing the views of the Aragon Network in a more meaningful way.


Thanks to @john-light and @lkngtn for contributions.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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