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Adding a Flock track to AGP-1
Louis Giraux (@louisgrx)

AGP-84: Adding a Flock track to AGP-1

File changed (AGP-0 or AGP-1)


Link to proposed change

Motivation for making this change

The Flock application process and the AGP process are currently separate which can create a confusing flow for applicants, AGP Editors, and the Aragon Association.

The changes proposed in this PR aim at improving applicant UX by merging the Flock process into AGP-1 and creating a Flock Track.

Further implications if approved:

  • AGP-1 will become the only source of information for all proposal types.
  • The current Flock repo will be deprecated and any key information about the Flock program (guides, templates, current teams...) will be moved a Flock section of the Aragon Wiki.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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