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Community Rewards DAO
Aaron Foster (`@pythonpete32`) & Burrrata (`@burrrata`)

AGP 88: Community Rewards DAO

Address of the transfer recipient


Amount of the transfer

12,000 ANT

Number and frequency of transfers if recurring (enter “1” if only one payment will be made)


Purpose of the transfer

The CRDAO will reward contributions to the Aragon ecosystem with small amounts of ANT. Its purpose is to reward people for contributions they do and encourage them to do more voluntarily without necessarily an expectation of specific remuneration. It differs from CFDAO in that recipients do not apply for funds, CRDAO rewards are recognition for service to the Aragon community.

CRDAO will have a fixed weekly budget of 1000 ANT. 1000 ANT will be distributed via the CRDAO as long as sufficient ANT remains in the CRDAO vault. Once Autark's Dot Voting and Allocations apps are published to mainnet, the CRDAO weekly ANT budget will be divided among nominated Aragon community members using Dot voting and Allocations. The reward policy will be based on the 1Hive model, however a key difference being that any member of the Aragon forum will be able nominate anyone else, but it is up to the DAO members to actually vote on those nominations.

In the event that the Autark Open Enterprise Dot Voting and Allocations applications are cancelled or do not ship to mainnet within six months of this AGP being approved, ANT funds will be returned to the Aragon Association.

Details on the proposed structure, settings, and usage of the CRDAO can be found in the CRDAO GitHub organization:

The Aragon community can discuss the CRDAO and submit nominations via the following channels:

Recipient information

Organization (if any) Name: Community Rewards DAO Website:

Funds will be transferred to an Ethereum address controlled by burrrata. Once Autark's Dot Voting and Allocations apps are published to mainnet the CRDAO will be built and funds will be transferred to the DAO's vault. Burrrata and Aaron will be responsible for creating and managing the DAO. Community members will be asked to inspect and audit the DAO before funds are transferred to ensure permissions are set correctly according to the CRDAO-Outline.

Name: aaronfosterreal PGP key fingerprint: 66AF0356A1D09F61 Website: Aaronfoster.eth Other URL:

Name: burrrata PGP key fingerprint: FFB0474A8164B4B7 Website: Other URL:


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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